Prayer Attitudes – Part 3

A Child-like Heart 

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“Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.”  Luke 18:17 NKJV

Stop for a moment and think over the verse above.

A little child is not wise in their own eyes. Unfortunately, there have been too many occasions when I think too highly of my “wisdom,” even in my prayers. I’d catch myself trying to help God know how to handle a certain matter. I don’t think God has ever said, “Gee, Amy, thanks for that great idea! I hadn’t thought of that.”

Instead of trying to be so clever and spiritually sophisticated, we need to wait on the Holy Spirit and receive His promptings. God’s Spirit will guide us in how to pray.

All the promises of God and His Kingdom must be received like a little child. Becoming like a little child doesn’t mean that God wants us to become immature and ignorant. On the contrary, we know that God would have us grow in spiritual maturity and in wisdom and knowledge.  So what are the child-like qualities that God desires for us to have?

Faith, humility, and sincerity are certainly some good characteristics of a child-like attitude. But sadly, the world pulls us towards self-reliance, pride and pretension.

We must resist the world’s system! As Christians, Christ calls us to be made new in the attitude of our minds (Eph. 4:23). One way to beat the traps of the world and its spiritual darkness is to have the attitude of a little child.

I believe that our prayers to God should have a child-like disposition. Dependence is the child-like quality I will focus on for this post.

 A Child-like Dependence

About five years ago, I was asking God to give me a greater revelation of what it means to live by His Spirit.

“Depend on Me” was His answer.

“And how am I to depend on You, Father?” I asked.

“Like a helpless infant depends on their caregiver,” was His gentle revelation to the eyes of my heart.

Gasp! I was dazed as I reflected on His clear message.

“Really, Lord? This is complete and utter dependence… Yes. Yes! This is Your word, ‘Apart from me you can do nothing.’”

My children are still ridiculously dependent on me at times. They seem to think that I’m a nurse, wastebasket, water fountain, snack bar and entertainment center. “My tummy hurts. Here’s my empty wrapper. I’m thirsty. I’m hungry. I’m bored.” It’s a little annoying. But hey, at least these are honest, humble and very dependent statements! They need me! They cling to me. Literally!

And God knows we desperately need Him.

Oh, oh, oh, how I need my Father God! I’m so terribly needy, weak and unable. Only in God do I live and move and have my being. Apart from Him, I can’t do anything. And the same is true for you.

This is how I now come to God in prayer, clinging to His wisdom and strength!

Proverbs 3:5-6 explains in perfect clarity the child-like dependence we should strive to maintain.

Read it carefully and as if for the very first time… like a little child.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,


And lean not on your own understanding;


In all your ways acknowledge Him,


And He shall direct your paths.


Proverbs 3:5,6 NKJV


7 thoughts on “Prayer Attitudes – Part 3

  1. What’s great about your children’s dependence is that they know and trust that you are able to heal them, to carry out their trash (lies), feed them (never thirst again), guide them (give them something to do when they don’t know how to use their time).

    It’s like a child-like heart fully believes that God is the 1st one I seek when I have a need and He alone is able to take care of my every need. He loves us so much!!

    He’s not annoyed. :)) isn’t it good He’s so much Better than us?!

    Cute and awesome post. Love you!

  2. I love the imagery here! As a child, during times of fear, pain or uncertainty, I remember climbing up into my Papa’s lap for comfort. I can still feel his big strong arms around me and his scratchy chin on my forehead. As a daddy myself, I have known the emense pleasure of giving such comfort to each of my own six children in similar times. Now, I have come full-circle and experience the indescribable comfort and peace of crawling up into the lap of my Heavenly Father and hearing His soothing voice of reassurance when I’m facing times of fear, pain or uncertainty. Thank you Amy, for refreshing this in my heart, mind and spirit. Many blessings to you, Craig and your beautiful family.

  3. Thanks for these thoughts, Amy. It’s encouraging to be reminded that I don’t have to arrive with the solution already in hand. 🙂

  4. Love it. This is all so true. God never called us to approach Him like a Bible Scholar , which I so often do. He asked us to approach Him like a child.

    In a baby’s dependence, they must crawl first, and then stand and walk. Spiritually speaking, I can’t stand and lead until I’ve knelt and followed. And this must be an everyday occurrence.

    Thanks for writing this!

  5. I love the simplicity of this message, and like I child, I need to be reminded over and over to fully trust in The Lord and wait for Him to lead me rather than trying to figure things out on my own. Thanks Amy! And Thanks God!!

  6. Just found your blog today… so excited to read it on a regular basis 🙂
    I just had baby #5 and have been struggling a bit. Lately I’ve realized that I’ve been using the fact that this is a “difficult” time as an excuse to not live by the Spirit. I find myself saying… “I can’t respond patiently to my kids; I’m sleep deprived” or ” I can’t help being moody; I’m hormonal!” So reading this post was so amazingly meant for me. It is the perfect and most timely illustration of how I must live by the Spirit… to depend on Him in the same way my new baby girl depends on me. Praise God for his faithfulness to communicate this truth to me through you 🙂

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