Kingdom Innovation

Well I may be biased, but my sweet husband’s second message at the 2013 Hillsong Conference last month was one that I’ll never forget. His teaching moved me deeply and I’d love to share it with you.

I pray that God’s mighty Spirit will in turn stir you as you read my meager notes from this powerful message. 



By Craig Groeschel 

A few days later, when Jesus again entered Capernaum, the people heard that he had come home. So many gathered that there was no room left, not even outside the door, and he preached the word to them. Some men came, bringing to him a paralytic, carried by four of them.

Since they could not get him to Jesus because of the crowd, they made an opening in the roof above Jesus and, after digging through it, lowered the mat the paralyzed man was lying on.

When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” Mark 2:1-5   

Common Ingredients with Innovation

Limited Resources + A Willingness to Fail (Faith) + Increasing Passion = Exponential Innovation

Limited Resources – “We can’t because we don’t…”

No more excuses! We need to understand that God often guides by what he WITHHOLDS. God has given us everything we need. He’ll show us a new way – His ingenious and perfect way through our limitations.

Embrace your limitations. God’s power is made perfect in our weaknesses.

Willingness to Fail – Following God always requires FAITH.

Be willing to step out and try! Sure, it’s scary to take a risk, but failure can often be the first step to success. Failure is not only an option, but sometimes it’s a necessity for fruitful growth. Sometimes we’ve got to be willing to take a faith-risk and “dig a hole.”

Increasing Passion – “I HAVE TO!”

The men carrying the paralytic had the right amount of passion to say, “We can’t get in through the door because of the crowd (limited resources). We may fail by trying another way… BUT… WE HAVE TO TRY!”

In reaching this world we MUST adopt this same do-whatever-it-takes attitude! We’ll do anything short of sin to reach out to the LOST and hurting!

What is your “I have to…” PASSION statement 

Exponential Innovation! – The men went through a ROOF!

Resistance Warning: When you dig through someone’s ceiling, people will get offended.

We need to be willing to break some manmade rules/boundaries!

Sometimes, to reach no one else is reaching, you’ll need to do what no one else is doing.

John the Baptist did. Jesus did! The Apostles did. Martin Luther did. John Wesley did. The list could go on and on. Should God lead, will you?

My Thoughts

I was stirred with crazy passion for the lost and broken during Craig’s message. It was such a clarion call to the capital “C” church to do whatever it takes to win the lost! No more excuses and playing it safe when eternity is at stake! Let’s seek God for bold new ways to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into all the world.

I’m soon starting up a neighborhood ministry for women who are seeking or new on their Christian journeys. I truly needed this faith-stirring, passion-building message to prepare my heart and mind for action. I’m ready to break through some roofs!

How about you? What roof do you need to break through with passionate faith? Take some time in prayer about this. God may reveal something right away. But if not, that usually means wait for it. His timing is perfect. Just stay alert, available, and full of His passion.

Thank you, JESUS, that in Your awesome love You don’t leave us where we are! You faithfully guide us in new ways as we depend on you.


5 thoughts on “Kingdom Innovation

  1. I’m more stirred up to share Christ with others after reading your post, Amy. I love to hear, too, what the Holy Spirit is speaking to your heart! Thanks for sharing!! Love you!

  2. This is so encouraging Amy. I just subscribed to your blog. I am a pastor’s wife from MN and mom of 4 little ones. My husband and I often listen to Craig’s wonderful messages online (and I got to see your great message on purity). Today I was just thinking, ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have Amy Groeschel as a mentor.’ Then I thought, ‘maybe she has a blog’ and I googled you :). So thank you for being a mentor to me from afar and to others through your blog. Blessings to you. I just said a prayer for your neighborhood ministry. I am praying about a way I can step out in faith this week as well.

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