Standing Strong

Sisters, the following devotion is the first day of a ten-day YouVersion reading plan called Standing Strong. I will be posting a devotion each day this week and next week, Monday through Friday. This reading plan is a continuation of a message God placed on my heart for our annual Sisters Women’s Ministry event this past weekend at all locations. I pray this blesses you as it blessed me immensely in my preparation!

Stand Yielded

Every day we have a choice as to whom we will serve. Yes, as Christians we say we follow and serve Christ, but let’s closely examine our declared devotion and see if we can deepen our surrender.

You see, the truth is we either serve ourselves, man-made gods, or the one true God. We may not literally bow down to anyone or anything, but our actions speak for themselves. Many of us fall into the trap of serving our own, selfish appetites or our image (a people-pleasing disease of pride). We can even be ruled by our fears and insecurities.

Fact: Christians are to be servants of Christ.

Obviously, a good servant should do the will of his master. It’s never the other way around. That would be ludicrous! Be honest. As you reflect on this day, who has been the leader — the Holy Spirit, you, or something or someone else?

If the Lord has not been the master of your days lately, you haven’t been able to enjoy all the fullness of life in Him that John 10:10 describes! Plus, you’ve been missing out on being effective and fruitful for His Kingdom.

But there is good news! His word clearly shows us how to overcome this and stand strong as His faithful servant — humbly yielding all to God. Submit yourself in total surrender. Yield to God in the very smallest ways. Don’t be afraid to trust Him completely. You’ll find He is more than worthy of your all. You’ll discover His power at work in your complete weakness. You’ll enjoy the honor of truly knowing and serving the gentle and good Master.

If we are to stand strong, we must daily choose whom we will serve.

Scriptures to read: Joshua 24:15, 1 John 2:15-17, James 4:3-10, John 10:10

For further study: Read through James 4:3-10 and 1 John 2:15-17 again. Make a list of all God wants you to do when battling pride and worldliness. Prayerfully read through your list and ask God to show you how to respond.


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