Stand in Faith

Your faith protects you, deflecting all the harm your spiritual enemy wants to inflict on you. Sometimes you have to actively hold and position a shield. You don’t simply move into position and hope for the best. We must actively engage our faith at all times — especially in a battle. Whether it’s a stressful situation, an ongoing health issue, or a broken relationship, life’s hard-hitting trials often cause us to grow weary. Without an active faith to strengthen us and give us hope, we are vulnerable to massively destructive attacks. These “flaming arrows” cause us even greater suffering: discouragement, despair, and doubts that threaten to steal and kill our peace, joy, faith, and our Kingdom potential.

Around six months ago, as my head hit the pillow for sleep, my heart was sick with anxiety. My mind was spinning, trying desperately to find solutions to what seemed like too much to put into words. After a few minutes of panic, I paused to pray. I cried (literally) for God’s help and He answered almost immediately. “Do what My Word says, Amy. Take up your faith! Hold on to it! Stand trusting that I am able to use all things for your good and My glorious purposes.” “Yes, Lord,” I prayed. The fear, lies, and discouragement had to stop. I spent the next several mighty minutes in all out warfare, fiercely declaring in tears the goodness of my God, praising Him for never leaving me, always loving me, helping me, hearing me … on and on I praised Him. Hope, peace, joy, and faith grew and grew and grew.

Child of God, take up your faith! Hold on to it! Stand trusting and proclaiming His promises!


For further study: Read Hebrews 11 and list the various ways that these faith heroes actively displayed their faith.


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