Stand in Readiness

With the Gospel firmly in place as our sure foundation, we are made ready. We have the security of knowing we can face any attack unmoved because, as Romans 8:31 NIV tells us,… If God is for us who can be against us?Armed with such knowledge, God calls us out of our comfort zones and we often find ourselves in places of darkness and pain.

Are you already serving on the battlefield of this hurting and dying world, or are you playing it too safe? We should never stand with the peace of our own salvation, yet be unprepared, or worse, unwilling to go — to march — to be ready to do whatever is good Titus 3:1. Maybe you’re still sitting on the bench or maybe you haven’t even gotten dressed to go out to the field.

Christ lives in you by the Holy Spirit, He wants your full, and active service as His Kingdom-sent agent. You might say, “Well, I’m just a ______” or, “I don’t know enough.” But if you are still breathing and encountering humans, you have a God-sent mission! He calls us to boldly share the Gospel of His salvation, to actively love, pray, give, show mercy, forgive, serve with our gifts, and more!

As Christ’s representative, you should never just go to Wal-Mart, work at a job, visit with a friend, hang with your family, or attend church. Go ready to minister! Go prayerful and alert. Prepare yourself! Always stand ready to be God’s hands and feet. Live out the command from 2 Timothy 4:2 that calls us to … be prepared in season and out of season …

Stop now and seek God for His direction or re-direction. Then, don’t wait another moment to faithfully go.


For further study: Read Matthew 28:16-20. Write out the three components of our great commission to “go.” Now think about the ways you can “go” as Christ’s witness in your daily life. Be sure to plan your next step if you’ve received direction from the Holy Spirit.


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