Branch15 – A Ministry for Marginalized Women

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”


John 15:5

“Somebody’s got to do something… It might as well be me!” This statement is often how a call of God begins. It’s a heart being stirred by the Holy Spirit with a stronger compassion for people, a passion for change, and a dream to create into a reality.

I want to tell you a little about Branch15, the women’s housing ministry that my team and I recently launched in the OKC area (October 2013).

In our first eleven months we have had nine women in our home and have had the privilege to sow seeds of God’s love and hope to many other women who needed to be referred to different ministries or services.

These women are truly amazing, with breathtaking survivor stories! Many are spunky. Some are quiet and scared. Material possessions are few. Most do not own a car or have a bank account, but they all have a cell phone. However they come in, they change us as much as we see God changing them. We love them all! And sometimes they love us. 🙂

Here’s the Mission:

We exist to provide Christ-centered transitional housing

with individualized support for women on their paths to recovery

and independent, sustainable living.


What we are NOT:

A rescue home

An in-house treatment facility

A place only for trafficked victims


We are a transition home. We are the next step for many women after exiting a sex-trafficking rescue home, treatment facility, incarceration, homelessness, etc. 

Our goal is four-fold: 

  • Greater Connection: We seek to connect each woman with the Lord Jesus Christ and the right people to support her personal goals.
  • Greater Competency: We seek to guide each woman towards professional, domestic and personal competency.
  • Greater Character: We seek to support and encourage each woman in her chosen personal character development area(s).
  • Greater Confidence: We seek to build up each woman’s self-worth by teaching her of God’s love and of her true identity if she is in Christ.

To reach these goals, Branch15 will utilize trained, spiritually mature volunteers as well as any professional services that are Branch15 approved.

HERE’S where YOU come in!

This ministry will continually need women to step up and serve in various volunteer roles.

If you’d like to learn more, get involved, or contact us, visit our website









One thought on “Branch15 – A Ministry for Marginalized Women

  1. Hi Amy, my name is Cindy Harper and I’ve been on a waiting list for Branch 15, and spoke with someone about it last week. I’m in emergent need to get in. I start a new job tomorrow and the place I’m staying has no water or gas. I need your help if possible. I’m at the church on expressway. Just thought you might know of a place that might couch me? When I last checked I was 5th or 6th on the waiting list. Anything you could would be greatly appreciated. Thank you🙏

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