About Amy

~About Me ~

Hot tea and a game of tennis are my personal enjoyments. (But not together!)

My best friends, Craig and the kids, fill my days with laughter, love, and loads of laundry. I’m a dance and soccer mom with an emphasis in driving motor vehicles.

I’m a goofy yet faithful friend, passionate advocate for orphans and other desperate human situations, and lover of Jesus and His Word!

I’ll be writing reflections from my life as a wife of a wonderful pastor, homeschooling mother of six, Christ-Follower, and leader of ministry in a fabulous church – LifeChurch.tv.

Welcome to my blog!


18 thoughts on “About Amy

  1. Hi Amy,
    My name is Stevie Armstrong and I am a journalism major at UCO. I am in a blogging class this semester and one of our final projects is picking a favorite blog and blogger. I chose “beloved,” in hopes that’s okay with you. I can explain more over email if you would kindly allow me to do so. Thank you for your time, Amy.

    Your Lifechurch family member of over 7 years,
    -Stevie Rae Armstrong

  2. It was nice to see you yesterday. Wish I could of stay and chat. 😦 I always enjoy talking to you. God bless. ❤

  3. My husband and I went to lifechurch in South OKC when we lived in Norman. This past year we’ve lived near Seattle, WA and miss having a physical lifechurch campus near us. We love that it’s online though! I love that you have a beautifully inspiring blog too. My husband and I have a strong feeling that homeschooling will be our route for our little boy. He’s almost 2 and I was wondering for when he does get a little older what curriculum you suggested. I’m sure you get this question all the time and may be sick of it- apologies if that’s the case. Thanks for being such an encouraging and inspirational person- and same for your husband as well. 🙂

    • Hi Nikki! It’s great that you are planning early for your little guy! I use Sonlight curriculum and we have really enjoyed it. Great blessings on your new adventure! Hope you find a wonderful church home, too!

  4. Many thanks! I think we may have just found a church home near Seattle after looking around some. It’s called Eastlake. It’s hard to find someone that teaches as passionately about Jesus as much as you and Craig. But we still watch Life church online because its just too nourishing to our souls to give up! I know that sounds corny but its true!! We’re still holding out for a Life church campus to come to Seattle or one of its suburbs. 🙂

  5. Hi my name is Stephanie I’m 12 years old your a beautiful woman of god you an inspiration to me.. You encourage me to serve God! God bless you and your beautiful family! 😌❤

  6. Hello Amy! My husband and I went to school in Tulsa and attended Life Church while we were there!! We absolutely loved it! We moved to the East Coast about a year and a half ago but still watch services online when we get a chance. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have come across your blog!!! I didn’t even know you had a blog! Looking forward to following your writings!

  7. HI Amy I’m a Pastors wife in liberty mo and always looking for good book to read for encouraging ( pastors wives ) but not much out there that I csn find do curious if you have any suggestions.

    • Hi Leisa! I agree that there is a shortage of books directed to the pastor’s wife. The one I’d recommend to you is, Leading and Loving It by Wilhite and Wilson Hope this helps and you find all the encouragement you need!

  8. Amy, my husband, Mark Danker, and I know that thousands seek you and Craig out with their prayer requests, but we’re going to prevail upon you to add our daughter to your list. Her name is Kelsey Danker, and she had a healthy baby boy last Sunday. That evening, she had a seizure, and passed out falling flat on her face. Tests show she has a meningioma tumor the size of a baseball pressing on the left frontal lobe. The tumor will be removed in surgery Wednesday, June 29th. We are standing in faith that God will heal her completely with no effects whatsoever, and we are lifting her surgeon, Dr. Stephen Johnson, for healing wisdom and precision to perform exactly what needs to be done for God to heal Kelsey. Our friends and family have come alongside us in prayer and faith, and we KNOW we are being held in His grace and mercy. We contacted LifeChurch via FB message, but wanted to contact both of you personally. Prayer is our most powerful weapon, and we want to wield it mightily for our daughter. We are so grateful to both of you for allowing God to use you as vessels promoting His kingdom. We consider ourselves strongly blessed to have been led to start worshipping at LifeChurch 11 years ago, and we’re so grateful to have such a vast covering of fellow believers to share our burden with us. Tremendous thanks that you have opened your hearts so personally to an extraordinary amount of people, including us. We pray God continues to bless you in abundance.

    • Hi Susan! Oh my, I am very sorry for my slow response. I had not been actively looking at this blog for a while. I just had to know how things turned out with your daughter, so I just looked you up on Facebook. Praise Jesus that He has answered the prayers of many for her healing and recovery! Just wanted to say I rejoice with you! God is faithful! Love and Merry Christmas, Amy

  9. Amy I did your 7 day plan (my 1st). Recently I attended the Global Leadership Summit in Durban, South Africa – my home town and I heard a song that was so powerful that I wrote down some of the lyrics). I’ve been searching for that song and Jesus rewarded my perseverence … it was the song on day 7 of your plan! Thank you for that gift.

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